Interiors, Part I.

I was nonplussed about the Paradise Planning DLC at first,
but after seeing it streamed I was convinced I needed it.
The DLC is amazing and I've enjoyed designing these homes much more than I imagined.
These are some of the better homes I have designed,
plus my home which I've finally tried to design in earnest.

Sasha's 'Moonshot Manor' home. I made him a space station.
I know, shame on me for not downloading a custom Arch Linux theme for the computer...
actually, I feel like Sasha would run Debian. Am I wrong?

I know Sasha's house is based on the east Asian moon rabbit,
but I wanted to make his home a bit more sci-fi and slightly less ethereal.

Peaches accosted me to make her a home.
I tried at at first, but it was a lost cause.
I still scored high enough to get the bonus furniture reward, though.

Piper's small coconut milk versus the coconut milk you were always warned about.

Daisy's Christmas-themed home. I really don't care about Christmas at all,
but the game does have a surplus of Christmas items so this wasn't too hard to make.

This one is Beau's weird indoor picnic house.

Tutu's home. I need to take more pictures of it; I'll include that house in round II.

The hospital. This one was kind of whatever.
Maybe I'll re-do it and make a haunted goth hospital for vampires or something.
I also need to re-do the school.

The hospital reception. I made a kids' area because I always remember
there being a kid section in waiting rooms when I was young.

The upstairs ward. Here some of the villagers are trying to perfect their performances
so they will avoid being posted on r/illnessfakers.

My restaurant. I haven't named any of the island amenities yet.
This is the second version, my original design used all of the mermaid furniture.
I redid this to fit in more with the neighboring clothing store's theme.

Piper and I both lament the lack of cool, random villagers in the restaurant today.
Where is Raymond?! I want to make his house!
I already made Judy's house, and I really need to re-do it...
the music-themed houses aren't my thing if I'm honest.

This is the upstairs. Celia and Gayle are lurking.

The kitchen, with sous chef Cranston trying not to drop those dishes.

Julian was my original chef and he was perfect,
but then the game just replaced him with the cow one day. Idk.

The clothing store.

Shari and Sasha admire how I put this item in backwards.

The cafe. Alli is just perfect as a waitress.

I tried to make the the first room you enter in my house a peristyle.
I did my best for what I had available, I think.

Here is my bedroom. ACNH made me realize how much I like dark wood interiors,
though I'm still not conviced I'd enjoy living in one for a long period of time.
I prefer brighter interiors.

I noticed far too late in the design process that this item includes the dreaded fedora.

The kitchen.

The dining room really hasn't changed.

The bathroom. What a dream owning a cypress bathtub would be.

I made an art studio at one point, but it currently doesn't exist.
I may re-create this in the basement room, but right now that is still the mermaid wonderland.