Summer '21

Alright, so the summer '21 screenshots are lacking. There's a few reasons for this.
ACNH players will know Nintendy has done little in the way of
providing new content for the game, or otherwise incentivizing players to keep on, well,
playing. Over a year after release, we can safely assume those of us who have
been playing since launch have mostly acheived our insular goals
and therefore don't have much of a reason to open the game.
I am in this group, though I'd love to play more, my personal time permitting.
So essentally there just was not as much to capture over this summer,
but in lieu of a lack of images I'll try and make this a little more photolog-y.

Every year I go to the beach during the summer,
but I have missed the previous two years due to the virus.
Even with less restrictive protocols in place for public areas
I just never got out the beach this summer...
except in Animal Crossing.

I really enjoyed the inclusion of fireworks last summer, they were very memorable.
This summer I only saw them maybe twice, but they were still very cool.

Red's tombola thing was pretty fun. For some reason I ended up with a pile of cotton candy
and very little in the way of milk teas.
I did get a full set with a whole bunch of coffee milk teas,
my least favorite IRL flavor. I don't like coffee.
But anyway, Red's stand was a nice inclusion.

The mosquitos this year in real life have been relentless.
So glad the game seems to want to emulate this.

The day I took these screencaptures, the weather outside was identical to the in-game weather.
I really like when this happens.

This was an odd summer. I haven't travelled in years and
have not travelled out of the country in over a decade.
I like being home and am very much a homebody,
but I still love to venture outside of my lair.
As much as I and other people lament being at home, there is often a silver lining,
and for me this was the ability to perform a lot
of very detailed and rigorous research for a thesis.

I look forward to seeing my friends who aren't local in the near-future.
I also need to visit their ACNH islands!