Codes for Paths, Clothing, Etc.

Paths + Island Decorations

Dirt path: MA-6647-9230-4716 by @Demin2_mori.
Also see: the ominmous-sounding the path blog and THE PATH tag on Twitter.

Flower path: MA-2568-9914-4979 by @rerererekn.

Pink flower path: MA-9296-7937-4704 by @amaya_acnh.

Mushroom path: MA-7047-9930-2289 by @nakamurasontyo.

Stone path no. 1 (I use several): MA-7404-1196-0223 by Anna.

Large flowers: MA-7937-4657-0891 by @twinkle_twin22.

Tree planters: MA 0304-8302-8535 by @mutsumori167cm.


Coming soon.

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