Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I repost your screencaptures?
A. Sure!

Q. How often do you update your island in the dream system?
A. Depends, sometimes I update every day, sometimes I keep the dream the same for weeks. I usually update when I change something or something in the game changes, like the coloration of the trees.

Q. How often do you update this site?
A. Usually after large in-game events, but I have no set schedule.

Q. What is the code for the patterns/clothes you use?
A. I have a listed located here!

Q. How often do you change your island?
A. Not often -- I am pretty happy with my island as a whole. There are certain areas I've set aside or would be willing to re-do in anticipation of future furniture and items, like new crops.

Q. What song are Bob and Blanca dancing to? I must know.
A. Definitely Billy Preston's 'Will It Go Round In Circles'.
(Note: there is no music playing on the front page)

Q. Can you chill out with all of the lily-of-the-valley everywhere?
A. Absolutely not, they're one of my favorite flowers.

Q. What theme is your island?
A. Uh, no idea. A romantic, idealized woodland, I guess?

Q. I don't understand the British guard house.
A. It's an inside joke.

Q. How many stars is your island?
A. The maximum of 5 stars. The star pieces, shells, etc. do not bring down the score if you were wondering.

Q. What quality-of-life updates would you like to see?
A. The ability to build more inclines. The additional custom design update was awesome and was on my wishlist.

Q.Why do you just take screenshots of the same things over and over, like that TENT?!
A. Listen, I am very proud of the tent and of the faerie paradise. Therefore I will continue to upload lots of images of them at different times of day and whatnot.

Q. If you could design a second island, what would it be like?
A. I'd make a spooky island with a haunted forest, hedge maze, and stuff like that!

Q. Did anyone even ask these questions?
A. No, I honestly just like writing FAQ's (this is not sarcasm). It's a fun type of writing, and also helpful.

Q. Why did your name your island that weird name/emoji?
A. Because I had no idea what to name the island and just wanted to start playing the game.

Q. You sure do like the pop filter.
A. Yes. It's a good filter.

Q. If you could add another villager to your island, who would it be?
A. Probably Boots or Chelsea.

Q. This website looks awful on mobile!!
A. Websites I make for my own personal use are never designed with mobile in mind because I literally do not care about surfing the Web on a smartphone. Use a computer if you can. I am becoming old and cranky, you see.

Q. Why are you still using iframes in the year of our lord 2021?
A. You can go bootstrap yourself and then pry my iframes from my cold dead hands.

Q. When do you think you'll burn out from playing?
A. I go through cycles of intense activity and then prolonged inactivity with all games I play, so who knows.