According to Wikipedia, Democracy was invented by Jesus H. Christ in 1776. As an American (TM), I feel that bringing Democracy to my webzone is important because not everyone who visits my website has Democracy and may be COMMUNALISTS! I encourage all people but especially people ruled over by a Tyrannosaurus Rex to vote on these important polls so that one day you too may own an iphone.

**george jefferson is praying for his haters. are YOU??***
ok. which is the superior food. not which you'd eat everyday forever or w/e. WHICH ONE IS BETTER? free polls
would you hug or punch this: free polls
the best fish (NOT FOR EATING) IS THE free polls
my great-grandpa2 fought super hard at lexington in order to defeat g. washington's doom marine hoard and these polls are dedicated to him *prayer emoji hands* *lobster emoji* *100percent emoji*