which Pokémon Legends: Arceus character you?

oh yeah. uh
your favorite character?
they are probably not here.
please do not throw rocks at me :(

You are out shopping at Hisui's biggest antique mall, Bagin's Bonanza. Which booth do you visit first?

I'm not at this uncool place, I am standing right outside of it with my arms crossed, pouting.
The stationary seller looks like they have some interesting old pens and books.
I want to look at the really old stuff, like the stuff that's probably haunted by 10,000 Gengars or something.
I look for the booth that is all about my favorite hobby and stay there for the next 10 hours.
Maybe just some sundries and supplies, nothing extravagant.
I'd like to see these neat fossils someone has on display at this table!
I already have a sack of vintage clothes I'm trying to drag behind me.
I'm just trying to mind my own business and look at everything!
Honestly? I want to find some cute stuff for my pet!
I'd like to go look at some artwork depicting my favorite Pokemon.
I am going to take a closer look at some of these swords and weapons!


You pass by a table full of books. Which one interests you the most?

A book about history, even if it's historical fiction. The protagonist better be interesting, though.
A book about a very specific hobby or interest I have -- the more advanced and technical, the better.
The odd, dusty journal or stack of archives -- I'd like to poke through those.
Anything but the classics -- convention is so boring.
The blank book -- I want to fill it with my thoughts and experiences.
A graphic novel that's borderline experimental.
A book full of photos of places I've never seen before.
A novel about overcoming trials and tribulations where I can strongly identify with the hero.
I'll look for a book about crafts or maybe even cooking. I like making things for other people to enjoy!
A book about something unusual, or maybe even a book of poems.
A book with a lot of portraits in it so I can draw moustaches on them and write mean things all over the people.
I'd pick the book about animals and plants, especially how to identify them!


At one of the vendor stalls a guy in a Bidoof-themed hat stops you and asks, 'what's your favorite mythical Pokemon?' You answer:

T-that's a secret!
Your hat, sir!
I'm not sure, but perhaps a Pokemon that is more ethereal?
A shining dragon.
Wait, those exist?
Any Pokemon associated with the sea.
I cannot choose a favorite.
Your MOM!!
A shining bird.
Something powerful yet also gentle.
A steely, qirin-like beast.
Mothman! Can I say Mothman?


The vendor in the Bidoof-themed hat nods. He then offers you a fabulous prize -- if you win against him at a Pokemon battle!

I will confer with my partner Pokemon first, but I must warn you that we are formidable opponents!
Yawn, I could care less.
Well, if there's a prize involved, I don't mind some friendly competition.
You're on! I don't even care what the prize is! GO BIDOOF!
You have to tell me what the prize is first. It could be you stealing my wallet. You never know.
I don't battle, and I'd like to get back to my shopping if you don't mind.
You're on, weirdo. I hope the prize is something cool and breakable because you bet I'm smashing it on the ground immediately after I win.
No. I do not fight for leisure, only out of neccessity.
Your prize is probably a Bidoof hat, I am going back to looking at all of this cool stuff.
No, no, battling isn't for me, but I'd love to take a look at your Pokemon (and maybe pat one on the head).
I don't like to fight, but I am confident my Pokemon and I can win!
I don't even know you. I have better things to do with my time.


The Bidoof man laughs and throws the Pokeball he was holding. Predictably, a Bidoof appears. What do you do?

Scream and start rolling towards it while still screaming.
Oh, a Bidoof! And a large one, too. But not an alpha. Still, this is good data...
Nothing, you are busy looking at some expensive glass decanturs.
That Bidoof is probably level 89 and knows Judgement. You're on.
It would be nice if you stopped bothering me, Bidoof man :) See, I put a smiley face. That means I am trying to be nice.
Nothing, you are wandering around looking at the different food stalls.
Oh, a Bidoof, I... are you sure you want to do this? I don't want to be mean...
Aw, it's cute. Can I give it a berry?
Nothing, you are done trying to be polite and have walked away. Conflict is gross.
...I am going to humble you.
Uh, I told you I wasn't interested. I don't want to hurt your friend here -- I don't really think you know what you're doing. If you insist, though...


The Bidoof man snaps his fingers and suddenly the Bidoof before you changes into your worst fear! It's...

Oh no, it's me, but I'm UGLY.
I see the loss of everything in my life, material and personal, and I am forced to live in shame forever.
I see everyone I cherish fighting and hurting each other, and they will never stop.
I see a world that can never change, or be changed again.
I see my friends and family all struggling to survive, suffering...
It's just me... BUT I'M A GIANT FAILURE!
...I see an empty corridor, where I expect to meet someone special to me, but no one is there and never will be.
I see a world that can never be saved, doomed to mediocrity.
I am confronted with a world where no one values intellect, critical thinking, or teaching.
I am trapped in a world where everyone follows traditions and authority without a second thought.


You can hear the Bidoof man laughing as the apparation in front of you disappears, revealing a tiny Zorua! It was an illusion all along!

...wait, what just happened?!
Aw, did you have fun little Zorua? Can I name you Burrito or something like that?
Pokemon are capable of some frightening powers, and we should always be wary and respect them.
I can't help but laugh.
...the big bug is gone, right?
UGH! Why don't you make yourself disappear now?!
Such a mysterious and mischeveious creature!
Geez, you really fooled me, but I still like you! I'd high-five you if I could.
Fascinating, I wonder if it will let me hug it?
...those ghosts just made themselves invisible, didn't they?! I know how this goes!
heheh yeah I'll eat you slowly -- I MEAN, uh, cool.
I enjoyed that trick immensely. Bravo!


The Zorua runs off, and you turn around to face a furniture vendor. You approach a full-length mirror they are selling.

oh yeah, and a Bidoof is now just on the loose...