Active Pages First-party: — Pixel sprites of 'Hamtaro' hamster characters. — Card Captor Sakura website; under 'fun' you will find links to sprites and dolls.

Archived Pages, First-party: pixels, sprites, icons, backgrounds. Basket-themed adoptable pixels. — Links to graphics are on the left, under 'adoptee', and yes, there is sadly a Hitler adoptable, but I after looking this site over I think this image stems from a place of naivety versus support for violent ideaologies. — Assorted anime pixels. — Links to content are on the left-hand menu. Only partially archived, but quite a bit of CLAMP-oriented content. and other related franchise pixels.

Active Webpages, Third-party— Sprites from various video games. — Anime pixels. No links or credit given back to original creators; last update at the time of this page being published was 8 years ago. — Badges and other assets from the online game Habbo Hotel. I don’t know very much about HH but these are neat sprites. — An assortment of Digimon pixels created by various artists, who are credited on the website.— Database of Pokemon card art. — Images of Pokemon ripped from games.

Archived Pages, Third-party -- So to find the graphical content here you’re going to want to visit the ‘icon’ pages for each individual fandom; I would control + f (search) and type ‘icon’ to find these links fast. This site is a bit of a grey area in terms of being first- and third-party. I’m not sure how many of the graphics belong to the website owner, so for now this is being linked to as a third-party collection. — Lots of Sailor-moon related graphics and content. — Sprites ripped from various games and media franchises, such as Digimon, Final Fantasy, Super Mario, Sailor Moon, etc. Lots and lots here, and the archive is very complete with mostly intact images.