Active Pages, First-party: — Lots of stamps, mostly about gender and sexual identities, pronouns, and social justice topics. — These ‘content rating pandas’ have been around forever.

Archived Pages, First-party: — These are the original 80x15 buttons ('steal these buttons'). — Mostly lesbian-themed 80x15 buttons. Site is in the Japanese language.

Active Pages, Third-party: — an 88x33 button collection. Content warning: lots of small, blinking images, some buttons are adult-themed. — what it says on the tin: a wall of buttons. — A DeviantArt community where members of the site can submit their stamp graphics expressing love, support, and interest in various topics, as opposed to stamps that define the user by what they dislike/do not support. There are many different categories the stamps are grouped into. — similar to the above. — A live collection of 80x15 buttons from McKnight’s site. Easier to access if your connection can handle it, since the Wayback Machine gets will automatically throttle traffic from your IP if you are trying to access archived material too quickly (e.g., open 3 tabs of buttons on McKnight's archived site). — Nearly 4,000 different 80x15 buttons.

Archived Pages, Third-party: — A collection of both 88x31 buttons and a brief history of the Netscape parody buttons. — an 80x15 button repo, this was the source for these once-popular buttons. They originate from Antipixel (linked to above) but this was the major repo for the buttons during the 2000s.