Active Pages, First-party: -- Various 'palace'- and 'silent'-style dollz along with some other pixels, backgrounds, etc.

Archived Pages, First-party: An early Dollz-related resource. Also see: a later snapshot of this site: — Crosslisted in ‘general’ as well because of so much content here. Small, pixel sprites of people and ‘classic’ dollz as well. — Navigation is in the hot pink scrolling box on the right. Lots here with about 1/3rd of it broken. — Click the templates to view the collection of dollz. Another early Dollz resource which includes small dollz-related cliques. Dollz-related content is under the small 'Dollz&Pixels' link. — this site is actually still online, but at the time of of me adding this link to this website, most of the images were unavailable. The web owner also has a group for people who love and remember Dollz: — Very small pixel dolls from pop culture. Mostly complete. Also includes bases for pixel doll art ( — Some of the original dollz. Use an adblocker. — Unfortunately most of the sprites are broken, but there are a handful of bases available:

Active Pages, Third-party:

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Archived Pages Third-party: — Assortment of dolls, mostly mythological-themed. — ‘Prep’ or ‘Palace’-style dolls