Font installation varies depending on your operating system.

Active Pages, First-party: — some great video game-inspired fonts. -- Cute handwritten-style fonts under 'freebies'.

Active Pages, Third-party: — Dafont, an old favorite.

Fonts I personally use a lot or just like:

Barbie Medium Font -- what it says on the tin.
Silkscren Font -- A classic of the 00’s.
04b-03 Font -- The even smaller cousin to Silkscreen and another classic 00’s font, especially at size 4... in all caps... outlined in black or white. It’s the main font used on the fanlisting buttons.

Archived Pages, Third-party:

A few things about this third-party collection: first of all, these fonts will work on other operating systems other than Windows, so ignore the warning on the page. Second and more importantly, I would strongly advise you to double-check via a search engine if these fonts are still available online and what their licenses are (free for personal use, paid, etc).

Please also note not all of these fonts have been archived but many are still available to download through sites like dafont.— has an extremely cursed Shrek font. Tested but not installed. — Porcelain doesn’t work but I’m sure it is on dafont. This font was everywhere in 2004.