Active Pages, First-party: — lots of cute images. Please review the artist’s TOS and link back to them if you choose to use their graphics. -- there are two different links to follow and both are worth looking at. ‘Web materials’ contains a variety of graphics, while the personal website links to more graphic-oriented content. Adopts, backgrounds, cursors, and more. Some of the graphics pages contain blinking images. Please review and respect the artist’s TOS and link back to them if you use their graphics.

Archived Web pages: — A collection of variously-themed pixel graphics made by various people. — Various graphics. — A lot of graphics here, mostly clipart style. Some of the graphics may be deemed offensive to some people and groups. You may need to try different dates the page(s) were archived on, as some dates have more complete records than others. — Small pixel text for site-related content (’updated’, ‘new’, etc.) — Website dedicated to the baby seal character ‘Mamegoma’ (San-x). Has links to more Mamegoma pixels plus original creations and some scanned Mamegoma-related media. — A variety of old web graphics.

Active Pages, Third-Party: — Searches the alt tags of images on archived Geocities pages that were scraped and uploaded to before Geocities went offline. Very useful and excellent for going down rabbit holes. This is the website I would exercise the most caution when using. The images that you can click on may lead to some adult content and/or broken websites, so just be careful if this material may offend you. — a variety of old bases (blank banners, blinkies, etc.). The person who made this site also did a great job making this look like an old Geocities page!

Archived Pages, Third-Party: — A web directory of cute-themed websites: Not all of these sites revolve around graphics, but some do. An opportunity to go down some rabbit holes nonetheless!