Active Pages, First-party: — Access to graphical content is on the right side under 'image', by the pocketwatch. Backgrounds, sozai, fonts, and cute pixels. — After agree to the TOS, navigate using the buildigns at the top of the book page. The artists asks you contact them prior to using these images. — Selection of small pixels, animal and food-themed. I see these floating on the Web uncredited a lot, so here is the creator; if you use their work, please link back. — Content is the small, white text to the right. Site is in Japanese. Mostly small pixels with some sozai. — Many pixels, most from the game. — In Japanese. Lots and lots of content. You will need to a bit of clicking to get to the content; start by click ‘Material’ and select ‘categories, then start clicking on the collections, which will open up more folders, and so on. Backgrounds, adopts, sozai and more, plus you can preview some of the assets. — A variety of girly-themed graphics. May need to translate text (Japanese) — Animal, food, Neopet, San-x, etc. pixels, plus backgrounds and some other pixels. I also see these pixels floating around uncredited :( — Pixels, cursors, and backgrounds that are all very cute! — Girly-themed sozai, click on the ‘sozai’ tab. — Lots of content, including pixels, backgrounds, sozai, dividers, etc. Also offers helpful codes on how to use some of the images. Site is in Japanese. To find the pixels, click enter, click materials, and click 利用規約に同意します at the bottom of the text. -- Backgrounds, sozai, adopts, and more. Really cute. — Lots here: pixels, dolls, letters, backgrounds, dividers, all sorts of sozai. Great stuff. — Agree to the TOS and then use the small links at the bottom to navigate. A lot of different pixels, sozai, fonts, backgrounds, etc. Also has helpful instructions.

Archived Pages (First-party) — Crosslisted on ‘dolls’ as well because there is just so much here. A lot of content, mostly small pixels related to pop culture. — Click ‘adopts’. Incomplete archive of San-x Nyanko IP. — Not completely archived — site is in Japanese. Some small and cute pixels. — A handful of blinkies, small dolls, and other graphics related to Harry Potter. Not fully archived. — Various small pixels and images; about half of the images are broken. Use a pop-up blocker. — Horoscope (Western astrology) bunnies. The rest of the content seems to be unavailable. — Sprites, may need to translate text (Japanese) — Small pixels, a doll, and some cursors. Just save the cursors as .gifs, do not download them as .ani files. The site has a tutorial for using custom cursors on a Windows desktop, but you can use these on a website. -- Various pixels and site-related goods, all very cute, mostly complete. — Variety of small pixels; other links seem to be broken. — Lots of cute graphics and some site-related graphics. Swedish version available. — Lots of pixels, pixel blinkies, etc. Use the small jelly beans to navigate, or go to: h — Quite a bit here. See: and: - Click you, then adoptables. Cute pixels but a lot of other content was not archived. - Click the pink-and-lime-green ball by the 'L' in 'Link' to access the adopts menu. — Variety of small pixels, but the website is not intuitive per early 2000s adoption site rules (I swear this was a thing). You must click the small blue rose/pearl/circle beneath the content box. Or click this link: — Navigation is a bit unorthodox: use the pink drop-down menu to select a name, then click on one of the small buildings to access the pixels. Mostly complete. — More San-x, this time the cheese dude! — Click ‘bananas’ to view a menu where you can select ‘adoptables’. — 80’s-style My Little Pony pixels. Very cute. I see this circulated around the Web a lot. — A staple of the 2000s web among certain circles. Members of this site would create a small image (a piece of digital quilt) to exchange with other members. — Larger, girly-themed graphics. Site is in Japanese. — Cute pixels, food, animals, etc. About half have been archived. Access them via the small ‘you’ text then click the text links next to the broken Photobucket images. — Click the broken image between the pink and yellow gumballs to access the adopts menu. — Small collection of cute pixels and some sozai, mostly complete. — Linked directly to adopt page because a lot of the site is broken, but the adopts are intact! — Unfortunately a lot of the graphics are unavailable, but what is viewable is worth linking to. Mostly girly-themed content. — Glitter fills, glitter text, and some pixels which are from Cyworld and not first-party. — Neopet, MLP, Disney, etc. adopts. Almost complete. Some sprites are broken. — Cute pixels. Go to You (small text on the right beneath the ice cream cones), click ‘adoptables’ (the first link), then click agree. It appears the other links to content are broken. — Adoptables and more content under the 'you' tab; some is adult-themed. — Random cute pixels/sprites. — Different types fo pixels and images, mostly intact. — A variety of girly-themed graphics. May need to translate text (Japanese). — Sprites, may need to translate text (Japanese).

Active Pages, Third-party: — I strongly suggest using an adblocker if you choose to browse this site. I almost didn’t list it because the navigation/organization isn’t very intuitive, but there’s a lot here. Some scripts may be obsolete and/or broken. Adult-themed posts are marked as ‘XXX’. You may need to translate the pages (the blog is mostly written in Indonesian). — Variety of graphics, mostly pixels/glitters. — A large amount of various types of graphics collected from Myspace along with some text generators. — Mostly all pixels that are cute/anime/etc. — a classic, mostly pixels — You need a Livejournal account to access this community (joining is free). A once thriving community, it’s basically dead at this point, and many of the images are broken. Worth browsing if you have old LJ credential but I’m not sure I’d sign up just to lurk this community.

Archived Pages, Third-party: — Lots of different styles of graphics across several pages, may need to translate text (Spanish). and — Sadly these pixels do not link back to their creators.