Browser Add-ons/Extensions

I use all of these extensions, but strongly suggest the 'favorite extensions' if you are going to browse archived websites a lot.

All of these extensions will work on major browsers, and I personally prefer Waterfox to Firefox, and these extensions will work fine for Waterfox. You can read more about privacy-oriented browsers here:

Favorite Extensions:

uBlock Origin Helps reduce tracking, prevelance of ads, blocks some malware, etc.

Privacy Badger (via the EFF) Helps block ads and prevent tracking.

More Helpful Extensions:

CanvasBlocker Helps prevent fingerprinting.

Decentraleyes Helps protect against tracking through "free", centralized, content delivery.

HTTPS Everywhere (via the EFF) Exactly what is says. Forces the secure hypertext protocol for all web sites.

Cookie Autodelete Again, exactly what it is says it does.

Snowflake (via the TOR Project) Helps ensure your browsing session is somewhat more private.

NoScript Can be annoying to browse with as it will identify some legitimate forms of code as bad, but this is a great add-on.

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read Helps alert you to websites with questionable TOS.