frequently asked questions!

Q. Can I use your graphics or art on my website?

A. You are free to use, manipulate, and repost any graphics I made that are listed here. That doesn't mean sell them. Art is fine to use if you give me credit.

Don't claim what I make as your own, do NOT sell my stuff, and don't use my artwork if you're a Nazi or some bullshit. That's all I ask.

Q. Can I use your HTML by viewing the source?

A. Absolutely. Use as much of the code as you want.

Q. Do you have DNI (do not interact) list?

A. I'm not interested in talking with white supremacists, anti-vaxxers, pedos, Elon Musk fans, homophobes, transphobes, and so on.

Unless we're close friends don't call me 'baby' or stuff like that. I'm not going to talk to you, it's weird and gross and I can't believe I have to say this. You'd think it'd be common sense.

Q. Is it okay if I follow and/or link to you on Neocities if I'm under 18?

A. Some people who are 18+ don't want to interact with people under 18 (or sometimes 21) at all, but as long as you know that I am an adult and feel comfortable following my accounts, then yes, you are free to follow and link to me.

Q. How did you learn HTML and other languages?

A. I was introduced to the Web through when I was 11 and first started making webpages for my virtual pets using Neopet's HTML guide. From there I branched out to visiting personal websites. I still find reverse-engineering HTML to be very helpful, and by that I mean viewing the source code and then visually seeing how each element works and is styled.

Q. Your layouts are all broken and ugly on my phone or tablet :(

A. Yeah. I don't design personal stuff for mobile compatibility. Also, if I'm truly going to try and evoke the sensibility of the 90s and 2000s Web, then should the layouts be tailored to being viewed on a tablet or phone screen? Existential bad web design.

Q. Will help me do ____ or make ____?

A. As much as I'd love to help everyone who asks, I honestly do not have the time. I will try and help on a case-to-case basis but for the most part, please utilize guides, tutorials, etc. unless I'm explicitly offering to help. I don't make art or websites for free.

Q. How do you feel about being eaten by worms?

A. Worms will never eat me. I either want my dead body to be thrown into a black hole (EXTREMELY RAD but very doubtful) or I'd like to be cremated and thrown into the eyes of my enemies (much more economic AND useful). I basically just want to cease to exist physically except on an atomic level so that I can spite all of the worms.

Q. Are you on any other social media?

A. I'm not on a lot of the very popular platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc. I don't do Mastadon either. Microblogging isn't really my deal. If the social media in question has a phone app, I probably don't have it (sans Spotify. Begrudgingly). Why, you may ask? Honestly, social media isn't really how I like to engage with the Web and spend my time on it.

Q. Why make this website?

A. I have unfufilled desires from the Web 2.0 and I need to live out these needs vicariously through a facismile of the early 2000s web. Chief among them? I need to like, join all the cliques and webrings. I missed out because I was too shy as an angsty teen (honestly, thank god I lurked and didn't post, the world doesn't need more bad poetry).

So yeah. The fever dream of bad taste. I crave it.

Q. Tell me about how much you love anime and manga.

A. My knowledge is pretty basic. I walked into a BookOff manga section and could only identify Jojo and Golden Kamuy. Honestly, my attachment to and interest in fandoms is pretty lackluster, with maybe the exception of Pokémon and Neopets which I have a lot of nostalgia for.

Q. Why are you so bad at Neocities and interacting with people on it?

A. I will be honest. Neocitie's social media-styled community is great, but not for me. This is not how I create my portions of the Web or why. I am not ignoring people on purpose or because I don't want to interact.

Q. Do you live in a Hello Kitty pastel fantasy cottage?

A. No, not at all, and even if I had all the means to have a 'dream' space, a pastel kitsch wonderland would be a very far cry from what I'd ideally desire.

Q. Do you want to be a ghost?

A. No, that's what the Web is for.