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Last Updated: 30 Nov 2019

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Name: K
Location: California, USA
Age: 20's
Gender Identity: she/her/hers
Patronus: Black Swan
Are you even that big of an HP fan? No, but  as a kid I was.
Online Since: 2001


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Glorious Trainwrecks
click here to SEE A GIANT SHRIMP!! com.neocities.org!!
I'll add more links and webrings later!!

(empty space... caution may be haunted!)

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        So, this is a website.
OMFG, I know, right?!

So I've been a user on Glorious Trainwrecks for 6 years and I haven't uploaded any content!
Oh my five geese! Where have I been in these past six years?

what can happen in six years?
I'll tell you:

   an average snake can grow 40 ft/700 meters in six years
   six years is the minimum it takes for certification in advanced drone courtship rituals
   a butterfly has morphed back into a caterpillar 4 times in 6 years
   an ant will have travelled across 40 continents if it walked in a straight line for six years at .4 mph/700 kmph
   you could download 6,000 images of sharks if you downloaded 1 per day

These are all really good facts.


All animals are important and awesome, but let's start with sharks. Sharks deserve their own spot on this webpage!
Just look how great sharks are even in clip-art form.

these animals are also really cool:






Which tarot card are you?

I'm a Fire Spirit