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Neocities sites to surf!
Listed in no specific order:

Please check out my neocities profile for more sites, I am very lazy about updating the list on this page!!!! Castle Cyberskull The Unpikey Zone Cypherpunk Ioh Moonview Cubertown Hackerman Lucifer's Lounge The Code Lord Up All Night Grim Harlequin Like Home Stigma Birds and Stars Fairy Witch Chai Tea The Frump Zone Onigaorsu Game Bruno Cloud World Cherrie Faerie Florida Chill '95' Psshaw Mishtery
super stylin southern sky Tlutonist 11 Finch D. River’s Website Mishtery La Taccola Endromeda Oddity Bisuko The Galactic Bucket Vomit Boyz Linky Blog Tiny Paws


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some annoying meme song
These Jelly Cherries have bonded with Kristina! Visit the Giant Jelly!
element // ether
scented // rose + jasmine
aromatic // peony + orange blossom

Note: Some of these links lead to archived fanlistings or link to nothing because the original fanlisting wasn't archived by the Wayback Machine. If and when a new fanlisting replaces the old site, I will update the links.

Unicorns The sea Love is good Black Swans Poetry flowers Roses Sunshine I love springtime! I love gardens! I love rainbows! I love peacocks! I love birds! Crows ♥ Ravens ♥ I love hummingbirds! I love wisteria! I love jasmine! Orange blossoms I love magpies! Butterflies ♥ Björk: Vespertine fan Björk: Medulla fan Fan: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard Fan: Sufjan Stevens Fan: Joanna Newsom Fan: Shearwater Listening to music Black hroses ♥ Doves ♥ Sharks are aweomse Nurse sharks ♥ white sharks! Catfish are awesome Fish are rad Please adopt! Cats! ♥ Siamese cats ♥ Cheetahs ♥ Donkeys ♥ Wolves are cool Roadrunners ♥ Chickens ♥ Geese ♥ Mockingbirds ♥ Towhees ♥ Swans Reptiles are awesome animal photography succulents Buttercups Nasturtium ♥ Dandelions Magnolias ♥ Nature Waterfalls Seashells Opal Moonstone Being a Capricorn fan

I am re-working my resources page. I'll post the link when it is done :)

Fonts I Use:
Barbie Medium Font -- what it says on the tin.
Silkscren Font -- A classic of the 00's.
04b-03 Font -- The even smaller cousin to Silkscreen and another classic 00's font, especially at size 4... in all caps... outlined in black or white. It's the main font used on the fanlisting buttons.

Graphics, Backgrounds, Etc.
Gifcities -- searches the alt tags of images on archived Geocities pages that were scraped and uploaded to before Geocities went offline. Very useful and excellent for going down rabbit holes.
PixelPeach (Livejournal) -- requires an LJ account. Many images are now broken.
Free Blinkies -- archived, some pages/images may not work. -- Lots of Sailor Moon Graphics
King Lulu @ DA -- I used a lot of their graphics on the about me page. Lots of cool stuff here!
Heidi's Blinkies -- Pretty sure this site died in like the mid-2000s but it is still online. Lots of blinkies! -- Lots of different graphics across several pages (like these), may need to translate text (Spanish)
Peachie's Pixels -- a classic at this point. -- sprites, may need to translate text (Japanese)
80x15 Buttons Collection (archived)
80x15 Buttons (originals)
A massive amount of 80x15 buttons
Mewheart -- Pokemon pixels, etc.
Glitter Banner Creator

Glorious Trainwrecks
Sad? Upset? Click here.
Googlism -- I used to use ths site all the time in our high school computer lab.
someone uploaded all of the bugsnax sounds
Scottish Snow Gritters w/ Powerful Names
click here to SEE A GIANT SHRIMP!!
VERY IMPORTANT LINK, if you only click one link today MAKE IT THIS LINK!!
Hide the Pain Harold's Actual Website
King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard!!

Ja Da
the rat movie
how my brain often feels
the 300 pg edit (aka how this garbage should have been)
even more bunger
real version of pokemon ep. 1
for when you feel sad!
Elvis the Crocodile Attacks Lawn Mower
crazy hamburger
Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama