I might write a cool essay about this later, but for now please enjoy my beautiful art!!
I'll add more as I make... more.

the lord of pokehell


the longer you look at and study this one the worse it becomes.

it's king gizzard and a lizard wizard :)))))))) duh

where is your god now huh

Wishlist for DLC and Future Updates:
(It's Pokemon, so there will be paid DLC. It's like death and taxes: inevitable)

- SLOWPOKE. Where. Is. Slowpoke. The best Pokemon and the UNDISPUTED STAR of the original Pokemon Snap has been shafted?! We better get a Slowpoke island to make up for this transgression against our Pokeking.

- Whiscash. Where is my catfish. I demand catfish. This is not a request.

- This will never happen because it'll get exploited, but I want to take a picture of Todd. Everyone said Todd had a glow-up since the first game, which just means I have to give him a glow down. Down to HELL, that is.

time to go home