18 march 2022

am still going through people who have followed me over the past like 5 months (sorry!!), if your button ot text link isn't on the links page yet, it'll be there later tomorrow.

I made a new quiz based on the new Pokemon game. If you're concerned about spoilers, definiely stay away until you're done playing. This quiz is probably the most 2003 thing I have ever made.

10 march 2022!!

HELLLLOOOOO, OH MY GOD. it's been so long!

I have been overwhelmed with life stuff but now have a much clearer picture with what I will be doing now, which is good.

I have tweaked a few things on the 'about' page and also went through the links on the links page and cleared out a few dead links. Apparently a lot of people have followed this site in my absence, and thank you! I'm glad people enjoy this silly website. I will go through the new sites and add links soon. I am very excited to do so, I love seeing what the Neocities community creates.

I hope you are all well.

edit: thank you for all of the views too. I am floored. Here is a very cursed image as thanks -- feel free to repost it and spread the voloposting.

25 December

I have been so busy, I knew that even opening Neocities would distract me too much so I've abstained until now. I've updated the Animal Crossing site, tweaked my 'about' page, and added some new links. I will add more as I go through my Neocities' updates.

Thank you for your patience, I don't like disappearing for months at a time but sometimes I have to.

10 october

Uodated the 'about me' page with a link to my opinions. Yeah. Prepare yourself. Things are about to get HOSTILE (not really). I had fun making these over the weekend after I got done with work.

04 october

ahhh omg, Snap Judgement's Spooked podcast has just dropped new episodes!! I love how the Web has made October into spooky media month. I don't really care for slasher movies or B-movies more generally, but any kind of scary video game playthrough is my thing, as are most 'true' scary stories (sans the ones that are cannot even be mildly true, like omg ~*my encounter with ghost vampire bigfoot werewolf named jojo from area 51 that ATE MY HOMEWORK*~). Anyway!

Like I mentioned on the splash page, I have a new job and am trying to finish a paper so my activity here will become more sporadic. I'll be updating here-and-there as much as I can. I have a few scary stamps I want to make when I get the chance.

01 october

Ah yes, October, the month everyone streams scary games which I am all about watching (or at least have on in the background). I am moving some files around so some images may be broken temporarily but I will fix them. I'm working on organizing my thousands of collected images from the early Web that I've amassed over the past 20 years; instead of trying to archive *everything*, which is impossible, I'm uploading my personal collection with a ton of links to where I found the media so you too can make a collection. Neocities doesn't allow .yml files so I'll be hosting the collection off-site on one of my domains that I own.

I hope you are doing well, happy scary month!

18 september

So I may have saved my Macbook from incineration for the moment, which includes being very, very nice to it and also not opening 800 tabs. C'mon, Macbook. You can handle the tabs. I know you can. Am I really going to have to buy a gaming laptop in order to accomodate my tab collection? No, I'm not. That's a joke. And you all will be pleased to know I've been actually closing tabs! I am maybe turning over a new leaf. Maybe.

I have updated a few pages including the Animal Crossing site. I am now co-teaching a class so my time is going to be even more limited, but I'll still be around. I have a few projects ready to present to the world like a hoarde of mutant debutantes. I just need to decide on an organizational structure for the files server-side -- I'm not moving these files yet again, as I am apt to do.

12 september

I have been working on indexing some 2000s-era Web media in a new MediaWiki project I've committed to, and this will be taking up the bulk of my time for the next month or so. I will still be trying to do some personal artsy things too, but the laptop I use to edit art on is dying. The Macbook has been overheating even when it's consuming no RAM or in a cooled environment. I really haven't found a FOSS alternative to Photoshop for Linux yet but I'll keep looking since I think the inevitable is coming for the Macbook.

Anyway. I want to re-do the resources section and repost it here, and probably link to my wiki project eventually. It's a major WIP that will take years to complete and I will most likely end up having to pay volunteers to help with the site because there is so much data.

Links have been updated. I will update my Animal Crossing site too since my Switch needs the screenshots removed so I can free up space there. I also added more stamps to my 'About' page.

Summer is almost over! Isn't that sad? We are approaching my least favorite time of the year, winter. Ughh. But at least that means we are closer to spring again, right?

4 september

I updated the graphics page with a few new stamps. Am working through some deadlines right now. I hope you are all well!

10 august

I've definitely fallen into the website-updating pattern in which the updates are beginning to all start with, 'sorry for the lack of updates...' or something along those lines which is just an unfortunate reality of making content on the Web. Me being me, I've been overthinking my final project to the nth degree but I'll be fine. I do need to have at least a functioning project before I return to working on my personal projects though. This has not stopped me from making a few cute butterfly stamps which I added to the graphics page.

I also think I will remake this updates page (and its archive) in the style of old personal blogs, like the two column ones, then take this old code and put it into the upcoming [top secret not really thing].

I also want to reorgnaize my personal collection of web images, such as adoptables, stamps, blinkies, etc. I have collected over the years into an offsite collection. Originally I wanted to create a much larger database of scrapped material, e.g. material I may not otherwise have collected but have downloaded simply for completion's sake, but there really is no completing the Web archive. My solution is to simply exhibit graphics I have collected for a myraid of reasons (and examine those reasons!) while providing other people with the means to create their own personal collections.
- I will probably combine the resources links with the image collection as the two are related to eachother. I will either do this in dokuwiki or mkdocs.
anyway, these are the things i've been working on. I do want to do some graphic-related work later this week and continue making the increasingly more powerful splash page for omfg.

21 juli

have been feeling better and i've been painting, wow! i've been working on non-neocities stuff because i need to get this thesis fleshed out, but i am making content you will see here soon. thanks for stopping by, i hope your summer/winter has been going well!

5 juli

am still here, am still making things, just in the background. am exhausted. have an actual bonafide meeting with a real doctor tomorrow and if i'm told this constant fatigue is just 'a bad sleep schedule' or some bs i will scream.

have mostly been working on a backlog of non-neocities things. i have assembled all of my old sketchbooks dating all the way back to when i was 6 and used to draw stories about birds. am going to work on digitizing these next.

i forgot that yesterday was mega epic crungo democracy day, and in belated 'celebration' i urge you to vote on these very important matters. i still haven't made up my mind about the grilled cheese v. macaroni war yet but i'm actually beginning to lean macaroni.

23 juni

full disclosure, I've been having to turn my attention elsewhere instead of neocities, but this won't last forever! I'm trying to finish the design of two different off-sites right now and am very frustrated by them, which is just par for the course!

In other news I just put the deposit down on a second pair of earlobe piercings 👀 👀 👀 nice.

oh, and happy summer/winter!!

08 juni

Re-did the resources page again. I keep going back-and-forth between squishing all my archive-related links into a larger Mkdocs-made site that functions as a linkroll, e.g. along with all of the content in 'resources' there's a ton of links to other computer-y things, like Emacs and Linux. Keeping the linkroll seperate from the archival project is still something I'm wrestling with, but we'll see. I did remove links to my clique collection from Neocities because quite a few of the cliques have some rather upsetting themes, so I'll just self-host that project for now. I might end up moving all of the triggering cliques and webrings into their own quarantine zone. I need to think on this more.

I'm also not super happy with the content management system I'm using for the images involved in the archival project and will probably end up switching the URLs around yet again. For now I have to go do some reading about race and technology.

I spent a lot of time compiling the links on the resources page and I hope people enjoy lurking through the archive if they choose to do so. I will write a short 'how-to navigate the archive' tutoral and post it soon-ish on the resources page.

05 juni

Here is a very cursed monkey/ape-themed page I made in 15 minutes. For reasons. I also found some ancient graphics I made in 2006 and they are VERY 2006.

I'm pretty anxious because of all the recent earthquake activity that could be preshocks to a larger main shock but uhhh let's not think about that right now. Just listen to and watch the ducks :) Yes.

30 mai

A few things:
I added some blank blinkies to the graphics page and added this blinkie too.

Am re-doing parts of the resources page; I've decided to move most of the image-related topics to my personal archive of images I've gathered from the Web over the past 20 years. The links just seem more appropriate and useful on this site, which I'll post soon. I really want to upload and sort all of the images first (and there are thousands, but I can do this prett fast).

I also want to work on some art for the neocities' splash page but honestly I'm really tired. Bad excuse, I know. But still.

27 mai

update, 8 May: go here for the resources page, as I'm still conflicted about how to organize it.
The resources page is now live! isn't hosted on Neocities but is hosted on one of the domains I own, so it's safe to visit. I did want to have a mirror of the resources page here on Neocities but the unpaid account does not allow for the very important .toml file Mdbook requires, so no dice. I've added content to most of the graphic-related pages but everything else still needs attention. This project will be ongoing.

Next up is a WP-related project which I'm going to go start right now!

25 mai

I have had a massive headache all day but I figured out how to add SSL to one of my domains without having to shell out big bucks for it. This has been my current white whale that's been driving me up a wall and I'm just glad it's done now... for at least one domain.

Some of you may have noticed the links page getting updated a lot. Well. Part of this neocities project is to live out the Web of 2000s and do the things I never did then, one of which was join fanlistings. I was too cool as a teenager, you see. Sadly TFL and the interest with fanlistings in general has waned considerably so there's not fanlistings for important things like clogs or the Pokemon Archeops. I've made some fanlistings buttons that link to nowhere and have smooshed them in with the real fanlistings just because my interests feel incomplete without screaming to the world via a 50x50 image that I listen to King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard.

You may ask, 'why not just make your own fanlistings then?' Well, because I need to get through the to-do list first without taking on more work and more rabbit holes quite frankly. Without further ado, the current to-do list!

This website:
-- Splash page (duh!!)
-- There was something else... um.
-- Oh!! It was to post the essays explaining the methodology and purpose of this site. Right. Yes.
-- Edit: oh, I forgot I made an earlier to-do list. I sure do like making these things! Ok, so:
playlist page -- haven't started
kawaii pet megu page -- started, can prob finish pretty fast.
vdex page -- ditto the above
an faq (maybe) -- not a ton of work tbh.
more stuff for the free graphics page -- uhhh yeah, I'm SO picky about my artwork it's sort of challenge to make stuff, but I'm trying :)
-- edit 2: the SUPER SECRET THING that may not come to fruition. I need to poke around with the code a bit more... I don't want to say too much in case it doesn't happen, but it is participatory in nature and deals with the Old Web.

Other domains:
-- Transfer resources info from Gitbook to Mdbook.
-- Maybe set up Mkdocs. Maybe.
-- The database... kinda still leaning towards Dokuwiki but might go back to Wagtail or even WP.

-- Work more on [the project]
-- conference?
-- copyedit
-- convert [site] into static website

Computer stuff:
-- Organize programming folder. It's out-of-control again.
-- Organize desktop. I just can't keep it from being chaotic but I'm working on it.
-- Re-set up Doom Emacs. Put this to-do list there. C'mon.

14 mai

Technically it's the 15h buuuut it's like 12:30 AM and still the 14th to me. Okay, let's see what I've updated and what I still need to do:

Updated: the free graphics page, the about me page, links (mostly fanlistings), uhhh what else... oh, the cursed pokemon snap page.
To do: THE SPLASH PAGE, the resources page, playlist page, kawaii pet megu page, vdex page, site map, an faq (maybe). And I need to make more stuff for the free graphics page.
stuff I messed up: the resources page, like 1000 times. it's ok. you live and learn. I think I may just slither back to Wordpress as the content management system for this collection of links and graphics... idk. We will see.

I have to edit over an hour's worth audio and finish a different website-related thing, so I maaaaaay not be able to get around to anything Neocities-related this weekend. But I might sneak on.

11 mai

This is me/my brain right now and yes, I have only exaggerated the amount of things I need to do slightly.

I did add an about me page and a bunch of fanlistings to this website in order to celebrate one essay being completed.

09 mai

It is Mother's Day in the US, so let's celebrate with Tangerine Dream's 'The Mother of All Sources.' (YT link)

Okay, time to go write this essay and then hopefully tweak around with some backend stuff for my other website. I really need to redo my emacs set up and add a schedule and-to list.

02 mai

I am slightly weirded out it's May and essentially halfway to Halloween. In archive world: I found some interesting archived tidbits and now am not sure if I want to write about the new group (which will remain unnamed for now) versus the group I was formerely going to write about. It's 1:30 AM and that's apparently a great time to rewrite a part of this essay.

01 mai

Happy May Day, and happy 30th to a very old and dear friend.

In Web stuff: just when I think I've got nearly all of the Web 2.0 detritus covered, a new piece comes bubbling up from the ether. I completely forgot about the 'is love' banners that I mostly only saw on Livejournal. The one below I have pasted the code as it appeared in 2002, so the links and images are broken.

Sod marriage.
Get a Tamagotchi!

30 april

The second shot absolutely wrecked me last afternoon with the aches and massive headache. I'm not sure if I had a fever considering it was 94 yesterday and 101 today (that's about 800C) and my lair gets very hot in the late afternoon. I have a lot to write and upload and my Internet connection keeps going out because my ISP is just incredible. I dropped two Zoom calls today that I needed to be on which was just great.

I have 19 gigs out of 500 left on one of my laptops right now due to a chaotic amount of downloaded podcasts sitting in their to-listen queue, so I may as well get through that backlog while I clean and wait for the Internet to come back online.

(I'm typing this out in emacs in ancticipation of publishing it eventually, so I recogize my frustrated seething sounds weird when you'd be reading this post while online and all...)

Also -- the new Pokemon Snap game is GREAT so far. It's hitting the nostalgia in all the right way.