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28 april

I am now double-vaxx'd! And Joanna Newsom and I have the same haircuit now! I no longer 'just' have the He-Man haircut. Joanna and I share a birthday and a haircut; this is definitely a sign (it's not but let me have this).

27 april

omfg... my Macbook crashed a few days ago and took an essay I was writing with it. You'd think I'd have learned by now to back stuff up. Anyway. I updated the pirates quiz and tried to make the questions a bit better. I don't usually like 'story'-type quizzes but I tried to make this one fun.

20 april

I finally integrated my Github account with my desktop environment and feel very powerful seeing my map-thingy light upon on my profile. For anyone curious and wanting to backup and record changes to their sites, you can make a private repo on Github for your website or any project you're working on. There is also Gitea if you want to self-host (you cannot do this on Neocities).

14 april

Sorting through one of my blinkies folders, I was struck by how difficult to read the text of the blinkies is; for the moment, I had a 'am I getting old?' moment, but no. I'm going to chalk up the legibility issue to the screen resolution, and even physical sizes, being much smaller during the heyday of blinkies (and especially the block-style blinkies.)

13 april

I had another monster dream the other night, this time it was like this cute salamender monster that people would pet and then it would suck them in whole and eat them. I was hunting it through an abandoned mall and I was so distressed by what it was doing I woke up in tears. I like monsters, too, and lizards, and salamanders...

1 april

Alright, I got the first shot. Made me feel really weird.

Kung Fu Tea had an April Food's day prank I fell for (a milk tea slush with pieces of chicken in it). The thing is I know people who'd go bonkers over this pairing, which is why I surprised but not too surprised until I remembered the date.

In other news! I've been in the process of sorting through an actual 10,000 different images I have amassed over the years. I know that's not a big number for a lot of folks who scrape and archive data, but I had 'curated' these images as part of various projects so there was some element of selection that went into the process of collecting them all versus purely scraping every last inch of a website.

1.2k images are left to be sorted into their appropriate categories and I've been listening to spooky story-themed podcasts as I've worked through this process over the past 3 days. I don't know why this sort of task gets me into a really deep form of work flow but it does.

27 mars

am signed up to get the first does of the vaccine! I cannot believe I am excited to recieve a shot!

26 mars

I was just about to complain about how Spotify keeps trying to make me listen to Wilco (no!! thanks!!) when it updated so hard it poofed from my dock.

25 mars

I had a very extensive dream last night that involved looking out a window into someone's backyard and seeing this horrific crab beast (drawn below) crawling over all this debris in the swimming pool. it was an unstoppable monster with woodchipper jaws, but somehow I caught it and put it into a safely comotose state... inside a briefcase? that I then sold to a former professor? because this was a rare crab monster I guess? I don't know.

10 mars

i slept badly last night and accidentally whacked a plant i have hanging above my bed and i spilt the freaking dirt everywhere. before i cleaned it up my entire bed smelled like a forest.

THE END! For now.